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We’ve been there. Yarnpreneurs often feel overwhelmed and like they’re not really sure what they should be doing to create a successful business they love.

There aren’t any courses out there that talk to YOU, the yarnpreneur. That’s where we come in.

The Yarnpreneur Academy was built to help yarnpreneurs build successful businesses they love!

We have a 12 course Success Path Blueprint that will walk you through everything you need, from building your business foundation, to finding your audience, to getting sales!

We cover all the important topics and with expert teachers like Rohn Strong and Salena Baca (just to name a few!) you’ll know you’re getting current and valuable information from people who have been there, done that, and been successful!

Courses Included with Purchase

Success Training Camp
Build your business’ foundation. The right way.
Jess Mason
Course 1 – Branding: Finding Your Voice + Vision
This Success Path course teaches you about branding and its impact on your business.
Jess Mason
Course 2 – Creating: Tips + Strategies for Creatives
Learn the importance of the creative process.
Jess Mason
Course 3 – Presence: Building Your Website
Best practices for getting the most out of your website
Jess Mason
Course 4 – Strategy: Crafting Your Message
Learn how to find your audience and share your message.
Jess Mason
Course 5 – Marketing: Building A Following + Community
Learn the four marketing fundamentals and more!
Jess Mason
Course 6 – Share: Social Media + Ravelry
Optimize to build your brand.
Salena Baca
Course 7 – Sell: Techniques + Strategies For The Non-Salesperson
Learn to look at selling from a more authentic place.
Rohn Strong
Course 8 – Publish: Commissions + Collaborations
Learn the four main pillars of publishing.
Rohn Strong
Course 9 – Service: Supporting Your Customers
We’ll help you serve your customers like a pro.
Thamo Hurly
Course 10 – Money: Setting Yourself Up For Financial Success
Let’s put those financial fears to rest!
Megan Naasz
Course 11 – Self-Care: Preventing Burnout + Taking Care Of Your Mind + Body
How to find what brings you joy in and out of your business.
Jess Mason
Course 12 – Scaling: Using Processes To Grow
Processes, automation, and outsourcing for growth.
Jess Mason
Stitch-N-Click: Member Archives
Stitch-N-Click archives for Academy members only!
Jess Mason
Strategy Sessions: Member Archives
Strategy Session archives for Academy members only!
Salena Baca
Expert Q+A: Member Archives
EQA archives for Academy members only!
Jess Mason

Original Price: $1,227

Don’t Forget The Bonuses!

Academy members get a whole list of extras and special treatment:

  • 📘 Access to the ENTIRE Success Path Blueprint... 12 Courses dripped out over 12 months to get you on track and thriving in your business!
  • 💻 Access to the LIVE Monthly Mastermind sessions... where you’ll really dive into what you need to do next, with guidance from our guest experts!
  • 👩‍🏫 Discounts on any Workshops + Master Courses you’d like... so you can learn from the experts!
  • 🧰 FREE access to all the Success Toolkit Courses... over $100 value!
  • 📺 FREE access to all of our member archives... that’s over 36 hours of video and written content!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my courses?
You can login to the Academy anytime from any device... even the Teachable app! We make it easy to learn wherever you are, whenever you want.
How long do I have access to the Academy?
As long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all of the courses we’ve bundled above and any we decide to add in the future!
What if I am unhappy with the Academy?
Contact us for support, anytime: support@yarnpreneur.com

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