Having a passion for your craft is not enough to start a successful business.

Entrepreneurs in the yarn world (Yarnpreneurs) face struggles that stifle their health, happiness, productivity and success. Such as:

  • Not separating work and family life
  • Constant interruptions, redirections
  • Working too much
  • Not working enough
  • Wavering self-discipline
  • Self-doubt
  • Not knowing what to do first
  • Not knowing what to do next

Mark Twain once said that “the secret of getting ahead is getting started”, but, how can you get started, and in what direction?

Yarnpreneurs who face all or just a few of these challenges may not be aware of the power that time blocking can give them.

Let me explain.

Time blocking can be defined as a planning methodology, but this is not your typical to-do list or simple day planner. Here, big picture goals are set first, then blocks of time are dedicated solely toward specific tasks that will reach those goals.

As a Yarnpreneur, time blocking will help you envision, plan and execute with precision focus:

Instead of just making a long to-do list, time blocking can help you to set a goal, consider strategies, list action steps, and consistently dedicate focused time to execute!

What are your goals?

What strategies will help you reach your goal

What action steps will you take to apply those strategies?

Will you dedicate focused time to completing tasks specific to those strategies and goals?

To build on the concept of time blocking, I want to share some key insights from books that touched on this topic and really helped me.

The 12 Week Year: Get more done in 12 weeks than most do in a year

  • Cycle: Goals, plan of action, processes, measure results, committed
  • Framework for setting goals and outlining action steps to accomplish them
  • Focus on most important objectives, with room to optimize strategies

The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

  • Multitasking is a lie: Divides focus, dumbs down all outcomes
  • Decide what matters most, give it all the time it demands
  • Success is choosing the right habits, sticking with them
  • Life is a question, how we live it is our answer

Therefore, time blocking begins as a mindset: What are your goals?

Then, time blocking needs action: What can you do to accomplish your goals?

Finally, time blocking is executed with dedication: One task, with precision focus!

So, how can Yarnpreneurs apply all of this?

  1. Set goals (start with a 90 day frame)
  2. What strategies will you use to meet these goals
  3. Plan strategies with monthly, weekly and daily action steps
  4. Measure results often, optimize action steps for better outcomes
  5. Repeat

If we believe success is choosing (and sticking with) the right habits, then apply these steps can be an excellent starting point.

Challenging yourself to apply time blocking over a 90 day cycle!

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Salena Baca

Lead Yarn Lover, Yarnpreneur Academy

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