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Are you a Yarnpreneur

From hobbyist to professional... This may seem like a question too simple to review, but it’s one that a lot of artists struggle with. Are you a hobbyist, or a professional? Artists all begin as hobbyists; pursuing a skill or talent for the simple enjoyment of it. but, as we begin to master...


30 Day Challenge: Boost Your Reach & Engagement on Facebook

What does it mean to have reach and engagement on social media? Facebook aims to bring friends together to give users a positive experience. With millions of users and business pages on this social platform, Facebook must define algorithms to give users a good experience. Posts are ranked,...


Should I Blog?

What can a blog do for you? By definition, a blog is a regularly updated website. And, every Yarnpreneur feels they absolutely need one to create a business they love! Well, you don't. Let's talk about it... The three most appealing factors of a blog are: Brand awareness: Creating diverse...


Why A Bullet Journal Works For Creatives

Have you heard of Bullet Journaling? Chances are, you may have come across it on Instagram or Pinterest, where creative people everywhere show off their pretty pages, and journals bursting with artwork. And if you look at those journals you may think, “How can this possibly be productive? It...